Price grab is just like your best friend, your favorite companion for window shopping sprees. Who will always keep a track of the products you desire and will be the first one to notify you once they go on sale! It’s a web, mobile, and chrome application that enables you to save all the stylish products you have been eyeing from your favorite online stores across the world into your very own personally curated wish-list. PriceGrab will then automatically notify you once there’s a price drop on your selected products.
It’s as simple as: Go to the play-store, Look for PriceGrab and Download it. And since you are here, you can directly download by clicking here .
You can either go to Chrome store and download the price grab extension. Or go to pricegrab homepage, and click on the “ Get price grab for free ” button and download. For now, Download it from here
You will be notified via Email alerts. The moment your desired product goes on sale, you will receive an email from us notifying you about the details. You can also check your account on PriceGrab App/ Website and go through you notification page.
A wishlist is a personalized curated collection of products you like without an immediate intent to buy and would like to purchase in future.
There are multiple ways to add products to your beautiful wishlist: Method 1: 1. Browse through your favorite Apps and open the product you like. 2. Click on the share button and select PriceGrab. 3. Select or create a wishlist and enter an alert price. 4. Click on Save. 5. We will notify you of any price drops or if it reaches your target price. Method 2: 1. Open PriceGrab App/ Website. 2. Click add product button (+). 3. Enter the product url and select your wishlist and click on Save. Method 3: 1. Browse through your favorite Websites and open the product page you like. 2. Click on the PriceGrab extension button next to the bookmark icon. 3. Select any of your wishlist and enter an alert price if you want to buy at a specific price and then click on Grab.
Click on the cross button (x) on the top right corner of the product image and it will be removed from your wishlist.
Simply click on share button on the top of your wishlist on App or Website and share your wishlist with your friends and family.
Click 3 dots on product, you will get an option to “ Move to a different wishlist”. Select the wishlist you want to move the item to and then click on Save.
Yes we are available on mobiles, but presently our services are only on android. But here’s a good news… We are currently developing a solution and soon we will be available on rest other operating systems. For the time being you can use our smart tool on your desktop/ laptop.
Yes you can use the PriceGrab tool from as many computers as you want.
We’re sorry to hear you want to uninstall PriceGrab. We're all ears to your constructive feedbacks and would try working on the issues immediately. The process of Uninstalling the PriceGrab App is exactly same as any other App on you mobile. To remove the Extension from your computer screen- Right click on extension icon and click on “Remove from chrome”.
We support most of the biggest brands and stores available online and we keep adding new stores to the list very often. Whether you're planning to buy new designer dress, a classic sofa or a new statement shoes, we try and bring all your favorite stores to our list! But as we are a young and growing company, we might miss on some of the brands. Don’t be hesitant to reach out to us and provide your meaningful insights. We would be really happy to incorporate all your favorite brands in our list.